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Synbio Shield Technology

Synbio® is a patented technology from Chrisal that creates strong solutions to hygiene challenges. By uniting the best of nature with the latest in science, it enhances products, people and the environments in which
we live.

Synbio® Shield improves the natural balance of indoor environments and the people living or working in them.  With our sustainable and safe products you can clean better, live healthier and help to create stronger spaces. Synbio® uses synbiotics as 100% natural ingredients. Synbiotics are the combination of probiotics and prebiotics.

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We educate you so you understand why using Synbio Technology cleaners can safely and easily reduce the risk of infections.


Powerful yet safe and sustainable cleaning products making them environmentally beneficial.


Based on Chrisal’s Synbio Technology, it applies a  Protective Microbiome on surfaces  in order to clean and protect.


European Union Ecolabel Certification

OECD403 Inhalation Safe Certified

Hypo-Allergenic  Dermatologist Tested

North America’s leading certifier of organic products

50 Millions Probiotics per ml / 36 months duration guaranteed

canada organic

Livestock & Pets Products meet Canadian Organic Standards


Certified Organic Probiotics

Environmentally friendly with Eco-Certifications in Europe. 


Be on the cutting edge of Synbio cleaning technology!


Home and Personal Care

Synbio® Shield improves the natural balance of indoor environments and the people living or working in them.


Custodial Care

Synbio Shield helps reduce the risk of infection and allergens in Hospitals, Clinics, Seniors Health Care facilities and Nursing Homes


Livestock & Pet Care

Synbio Formula range of products for commercial and farm animals has caused a real breakthrough in animal care and hygiene for livestock producers


Benefits Of Using Probiotics

Be the first

Provide your customers with an alternative to traditional disinfectants. Probiotics provide the next paradigm in cleaning, by harnessing the power of beneficial bacteria.

Natural and Effective Solution

Be a leader by offering a sustainable, effective and natural solution to harsh chemical cleaners. Choice Probiotics are certified as hypo-allergenic and are tested to be inhalation- safe.

Convenient and Economical

Choice Probiotics are affordable and easy to apply. We provide one-on-one support with product knowledge and ordering. Become a dealer in your area to offer your customers the best pricing.

Reduce The Risk

Now, more than ever, cleaning is a high-priority. Choice Probiotic products help to reduce the risk of harmful microbes surviving on surfaces. From homes, to commercial and agricultural applications, Choice Probiotics dramatically reduce the risk of bacterial and viral infectivity.

Ethical and Innovative

Offer your customers an alternative that is 100% safe for the environment and for people. Choice probiotic cleaners have no hazardous chemicals or allergens. They are certified under Eco-Label, meaning they meet the highest environmental standards.

Cutting Edge Biotechnology

Choice Probiotic cleaners apply a layer of beneficial bacteria to surfaces, which inhibit the growth of harmful bacterial, viruses and other pathogens. They continue to clean for days after application, giving surfaces a long-term clean that cannot be achieved with traditional disinfectants.


Synbio Shield Technology by Chrisal are distributed in more than 50 countries across Europe, Asia, and North America

Synbio® uses synbiotics as 100% natural ingredients. Synbiotics are the combination of probiotics and prebiotics. Synbio Shield applies synbiotics to all surfaces and people through a complete product range. This creates a safe and stable microbiome that offers many advantages.


This is what our current partners say About Probiotic Cleaners

"ChoiceProbiotics offer the best cleaning solutions that helps the earth and the environment"
Andrew Pavlik
"Working with Choice Probiotics has allowed me to offer a unique and effective line of products to my customers."
Tyler de Boer
AgPro West Supply Ltd
"Choice Probiotics are always there to provide product information, which helps my customers make informed decisions."
Dave Weatherill
Briteland Holdings


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