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guidelines and suggestions

The information on this page provides guidelines and suggestions for using Chrisal’s Synbio Technology and PIP probiotic cleaning products. Contact us for information about tailoring PIP product use to your specific needs.

Demonstration of Fogging PIP ULTRA AIR Probiotics into a facility

guidelines and suggestions


Campylobacter and pneumonia in Turkey farm (Pruex uses Chrisal PIP products)

Pruex restores production on laying hen farm (Pruex uses Chrisal PIP products)

Turkey grower reports after using AHS for the first time:

“We were extremely happy with our first flock results. The floor was considerably dryer and our mortality was down. I misted on Mondays and Thursdays for five weeks. It worked very well. Our first flock is now 6 weeks old, and are outside, so we have stopped misting.” L.W. Alberta turkey grower

guidelines and suggestions


PIP Plus Water for clean water troughs (Pruex uses Chrisal PIP products)

PIP AHC Foaming Foot Bath (Pruex uses Chrisal PIP products)

guidelines and suggestions


VIDEO: Product Usage Instructions for Pigs


Why Choose Choice Probiotics?

Synbio Technology, developed by Chrisal in Belgium, are distributed in more than 50 countries across Europe, Asia and North America.

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