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as effective or better than non-organic cleaners

PIP Water Plus

Breaks down the components of biofilms and works to minimize biofilms and keep pipes, pumps and water tanks clean and biofilm free


PIP Animal Housing Cleaner

It can be applied onto each waterproof surface inside the animal housing with pressure washers, foamers or scrub brushing.

PIP Animal Housing Stabilizer

Upon dilution the product can be applied into animal housing by misting or fogging over the animals and over their bedding and equipment.

PIP Allergy Free

Allergy Free is an environmentally-friendly probiotic textile spray that removes allergens and actively prevents unpleasant odours.

PIP Hand Soap

It helps minimize cross contamination between animals as well as reducing the risk of taking diseases from the barn and into the home.

Certified Organic Products

Eco-Certifications in Europe and Canada

North America’s leading Certifier of Organic Products

canada organic

Certified Canadian Organic Standard


European Union Ecolabel Certification

OECD403 Inhalation Safe Certified

36 months duration guaranteed

Hypo-Allergenic  Dermatologist Tested


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elimination and prevention of unpleasant smells and odours

A new paradigm in care and Hygiene for Livestock and Pet's

Synbio cleaning products for commercial and farm animals has caused a real breakthrough in animal care and hygiene for livestock producers.

Whether it is about keeping animals for a living, or keeping animals as a hobby, their health comes first.

Given that the potential applications for animal husbandry are very diverse, it is always advisable to contact a sales representative to ensure your situation is given careful attention.

how does it works?

Synbio® has become a real breakthrough in animal care and hygiene for livestock producers and Pet's owners

Why Disinfectants Fails...

Conventional Chemicals-Based Disinfectants wipes out beneficial microbes while triggering chemical resistance in the harmful microbes. Now the more resistant harmful microbes repopulate rapidly.

The Problem:

1. Conventional toxic and chemically based cleaners represent a threat to our world, the ecosystems, wildlife, and future.

2. Allergens and hazardous chemicals represent a direct threat to our livestock health and pets wellness.

Why Synbio Probiotics Works!

Synbio® Prebiotics & Probiotic Shield quickly dominate surfaces with Synbiotics. The Stabilized Probiotic Ferment (SPF) are highly active, occupying any available space, and using up available ‘food’.  This leaves limited resources for the harmful bacteria, hampering their ability to grow.

The Solution:

1. No hazardous chemicals or allergens in our products. They are certified under Eco-Label, meaning they meet the highest environmental standards. 100% Organic Certified.

2. Synbio applies a layer of beneficial bacteria to surfaces, which inhibit the growth of harmful bacterial, viruses and other pathogens. They continue to clean for days after application, giving surfaces a long-term clean that cannot be achieved with traditional disinfectants.


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