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The Probiotic Future of Healthcare by Chrisal

After a decade of international research in academic hospitals, the probiotic cleaning technology from Chrisal has proven to provide an effective cost and live saving hygiene system for the entire healthcare industry

Rebalancing Nature Through Probiotics

Probiotics/Synbio Technology

Fitness centre in Victoria, B.C discovers probiotic cleaners to remove odours

Farmers Report Growing Demand for Meat Without Antibiotics​

CCTV AMERICA news coverage on Probiotics benefits in the meat Industry

Probinano Facial Mister Review

UK's Medic Doctor testimonial talks about his experience fighting Dust Mites and Sinuses with Probinano

What is Antimicrobial Resistance?

Researcher explains Chrisal’s role in enabling farmers the prudent use of antibiotics

VIDEO: Lower the risk on Viral Infections - Synbio Shield Technology Explained!

Discover KURINA AIR Conditioner Cleaner: Synbio Technology for Cars

For people who have had enough of the consequences of contaminated air from their vehicles ventilation systems.

Briteland Holding's Owner Testimonial: A case of Sucess selling Chrisal's Synbio Technology

Learn Dave Weatherill's experience distributing Chrisal's Probiotic and Synbio Technology to his costumers through years.

604CleanIt: The British Columbia's Cleaning company that works with Probiotics products

Andrew Pavlik is a young businessman in the industry of cleaning solutions committed to change the way we clean.


Why Choose Choice Probiotics?

Synbio Technology, developed by Chrisal in Belgium, are distributed in more than 50 countries across Europe, Asia and North America.

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