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as effective or better than non-organic cleaners

PIP Allergy Free

Is a probiotic textile spray that removes many types of allergens and actively prevents unpleasant odours while reducing the risk of harmful germs

Ultra Air

Is a highly concentrated probiotic mist that can be used in commercial foggers or hand sprayers to deliver probiotic air care to a facility, home or office.

Interior Cleaner

Is truly an all purpose cleaner enriched with probiotics. It works in spray bottles for cleaning counters, bathroom fixtures, window, mirrors and in mop pails for floors.

Pip Economic Pro

Is a versatile cleaner that also has a good degreasing ability. It is enriched with probiotic bacteria that remain stable for 6 months after being diluted with water.

PIP Floor cleaner

Is a versatile floor and carpet cleaner that is enriched with probiotic bacteria. The probiotic bacteria remain behind and reduce the offensive ‘wet carpet’ smell

PIP Sanigel

Introducing probiotics into these types of systems definitely keeps biofilm and mineral deposits , and pathogens/allergens minimized.

CMF 240 pic

CMF240 Heavy Duty Degreaser

Is an amazing product designed to remove grease and oils in a wide range of applications, from cleaning deep fryers and grease traps to cleaning automotive engines.

Organic DeScaler

Is an organic alkaline descaler containing surfactants (soap). It was developed to remove mineral scale and rust from surfaces and still be environmentally friendly.

Certified Organic Products

Eco-Certifications in Europe and Canada

North America’s leading certifier of Organic Products

canada organic

In line with Canadian Organic Standards 


European Union Ecolabel Certification

OECD403 Inhalation Safe Certified

36 months duration guaranteed

Hypo-Allergenic  Dermatologist Tested


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Synbio Shield helps reduce the risk of Viral Infectivity and allergens

Synbio® is a patented technology from Chrisal that creates strong solutions to hygiene challenges. By uniting the best of nature with the latest in science, it enhances products, people and the environments in which we live

Introduction of a healthy and safe microflora on surfaces. This helps reduce the risk of infection and allergens.

Synbio Shield applies synbiotics to all surfaces and people through a complete product range. This creates a safe and stable microbiome that offers many advantages.

how does it works?

Synbio® Shield improves the natural balance of indoor environments and the people living or working in them.

Why Disinfectants Fails...

Conventional Chemicals-Based Disinfectants wipes out beneficial microbes while triggering chemical resistance in the harmful microbes. Now the more resistant harmful microbes repopulate rapidly.

The Problem:

1. Conventional toxic and chemically based cleaners represent a threat to our world, the ecosystems, wildlife, and future.

2. Allergens and hazardous chemicals represent a direct threat to our health, children and seniors.

Why Synbio Probiotics Works!

Synbio® Prebiotics & Probiotic Shield quickly dominate surfaces with Synbiotics. The Stabilized Probiotic Ferment (SPF) are highly active, occupying any available space, and using up available ‘food’.  This leaves limited resources for the harmful bacteria, hampering their ability to grow.

The Solution:

1. No hazardous chemicals or allergens in our products. They are certified under Eco-Label, meaning they meet the highest environmental standards. 100% Organic Certified.

2. Synbio applies a layer of beneficial bacteria to surfaces, which inhibit the growth of harmful bacterial, viruses and other pathogens. They continue to clean for days after application, giving surfaces a long-term clean that cannot be achieved with traditional disinfectants.


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