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Choice Probiotics: leading the Future of Cleaning

We are a Canadian company located in British Columbia that imports and distributes Chrisal Probiotic-Synbio Techology Cleaning products

We are proud to be a part of the global ‘microbial cleaning’ revolution led by the innovative Belgium company called Chrisal and their line of Synbio Biotechnological cleaning products.

We are building our distribution network and looking for commercial and consumer partners in North America that are interested in providing highly effective, safe and proven cleaning products that improve hygiene, while solving odour, biofilm and allergen issues for their customers.


Probiotics by ChoiceProbitics
"ChoiceProbiotics offer the best cleaning solutions that helps the earth and the environment"
Andrew Pavlik
Company Owner at 604CLEANIT.COM

Our solutions

Synbio BioTechnology

 The Smart Choice!

Custodial Care

Synbio products are all enriched with safe, probiotic bacteria that provide additional benefits to the hygiene and cleaning regime.

Automotive Care

Certified Air Conditioning, Heating and Ventilation Systems Cleaning Technology for Cars and Transportation Vehicles

Livestock & Pet Care

Our products for animals has caused a real breakthrough in hygiene for livestock producers

Home and Personal Care

Probiotic cleaning products makes your office, facility or home healthier.


We educate you

We want you to understand why using Synbio Probiotic and Prebiotic cleaners can safely and easily reduce the risk of infections, decrease allergens, remove odours and biofilm and help your customers breathe easier.

We provide knowledge and products to help you create healthier living, working and recreational spaces.

synbio technology


We educate you so you understand why using Synbio Technology cleaners can safely and easily reduce the risk of infections.


Powerful yet safe and sustainable cleaning products making them environmentally beneficial.


Based on Chrisal’s Synbio Technology, it applies a  Protective Microbiome on surfaces in order to clean and protect.


Choice Probiotics Canada

Jeremy Baker

jeremy Baker


Kyla Baker

Vice President


Why Choose Choice Probiotics?

Synbio Technology, developed by Chrisal in Belgium, are distributed in more than 50 countries across Europe, Asia and North America.

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