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Cleaning with the use of probiotic cleaning products makes your home healthier. Biological probiotics create a perfect microflora in your home. They lower the risk to allergens, reduce the change of infections and actively prevent the development of bad odours.

Allergy Free is an environmentally-friendly probiotic textile spray that removes allergens and actively prevents unpleasant odours. See video→
– Minimizes the risk of bacterial infections
– Actively removes allergens, including dust mite wastes
– Provides active odour control
– Suitable for all types of textiles: shoes, bedding, curtains, sofa, cat litter, even the dog’s bed and bird cage.
– Shake briefly before use. Spray sparingly. Initial dose: A short spray daily. Maintenance dose: A short spray every 3 days.


Ultra Air is a highly concentrated probiotic mist that can be used on foggers, hand sprayers or misting units to deliver probiotic air care to a home or office(Never combine with essential oils as many essential oils are antimicrobial and will kill the probiotic bacteria)


Probisana a revolutionary ultrasonic mist spray developed to spray an extremely fine mist of Probinano probiotic on the face visit Belgium website to learn more.


Refills for the revolutionary ultrasonic mist spray visit Belgium website to learn more


Cleaning deodorizing of all types of laundry. It helps to minimize the molds that can grow in behind the washer drum, that sometimes create unwanted skin rashes. It also removes the pungent odours in the washing machine and the ‘sour’ smell that gets into clothes. Clothes can be dried in a dryer on normal heat settings. (not super hot)
– Super concentrated
– For whites and colours up to 60°C
– The probiotics offer a long cleaning after effect in your clothes
– Active odour prevention
– Keeps the washing machine and drains clean


An environment improving probiotic dish soap that degreases throughly and strongly reduces the risk of foodborne pathogens. Not designed for dishwashers.
– Thoroughly degreases
– Gentle to skin
– Reduces the risk of germs and pathogens
– Prevents a smelly dishcloth
– Keeps the drain clean and odorless


Versatile cleaner that also has a good degreasing ability. It is enriched with probiotic bacteria that work to reduce odours, biofilms and harmful bacteria. The probiotics in this formulation remain alive for 6 months after being diluted with water so it is excellent for use in spray bottles. The product is a very effective all purpose cleaner at a 1% dilution (1 ml Ec Pro to 100 ml water). Can be used for floors, counters, bathroom fixtures, mirrors/glass and kitchen clean-ups. For tough grease cleaning a slightly stronger dilution (2% can be used. The product is strongly concentrated so very economical to use. Store away from sunlight. Unscented. (Do not add essential oils into this product, as the essential oils can kill the probiotic bacteria)


Hand Soap is enriched with probiotic bacteria that remain on skin even after rinsing. Helps reduce the risk of infection, removes odours from skin, and may aid in reducing skin irritations from heat rashes, fungal/yeasts irritations and dust mite pellet sensitivities. Unscented.


Is an alcohol based waterless hand wash that is enriched with probiotic bacteria. After the alcohol evaporates, the probiotic bacteria become active, and provide a layer of beneficial bacteria on the skin to minimize the presence of harmful bacteria. Lightly scented.


Concentrated probiotic cleaner for toothbrushes and dentures. The probiotics work to remove microscopic debris and biofilm in addition to reducing the presence of bacteria that can cause dental decay. 100% natural active probiotic ingredient, safe and extremely effective for children and adults. Shake vial briefly before opening and pouring into a small glassful of water. Store up to 4 toothbrushes. Change water and add a new probiotic vial once weekly. 10 vials/box. Unscented.


Note: in accordance with the new Global Harmonization Labelling requirements, some of these safe, non-toxic and non-caustic products are now required to sport warning and caution signs. Contact us if you have any concerns.