Home & Personal Care

Cleaning with the use of probiotic cleaning products makes your office, facility or home healthier. Probiotic cleaners help you create a healthy microflora in your home. They lower the risk to allergens, reduce the chance of infections and actively prevent the development of bad odours. 

PIP ALLERGY FREE  is a probiotic textile spray that removes many types of allergens and actively prevents unpleasant odours while reducing the risk of harmful germs.  Suitable for all types of textiles: shoes, bedding, curtains, sofa, cat litter, even the dog’s bed and bird cage. Shake briefly before use. Spray sparingly. Initial dose: A short spray daily. Maintenance dose: A short spray every 3 days.

ULTRA AIR  is a highly concentrated probiotic mist that can be used in commercial foggers or hand sprayers to deliver probiotic air care to a facility, home or office. This product is most economically  used with a commercial type fogger to remove odours in gyms and recreation complexes,  waste management/recycle facilities, hotel rooms, public restrooms and pet care facilities.  

PROBINANO FACIAL MISTER contains a revolutionary prebiotic and probiotic fluid called Synbio.  Synbio is a combination of naturally occurring prebiotics and probiotics. The fine ultrasonic mist delivers tiny probiotic particles deep into the skin for a truly safe, microscopic clean.

PROBINANO REFILLS    package of 5 Synbio refill vials for the Probianano mister 

PROBISANA Probiotic Laundry Detergent cleans and deodorizes laundry. The probiotics remove microscopic biofilms that can be trapped in textiles, creating lingering odours and smells in clothing. The probiotics also work to remove biofilms that can form behind the washer drum, creating pungent odours.  Wash and dry clothes as normal. 1.5 L jug does 50 average loads of laundry. Water temp: up to maximum of 60°C.  Septic safe. Not for use on silk fabrics. Very lightly scented.

PROBISANA Probiotic Dish Soap is an environmentally safe dish soap for hand washing. Thoroughly degreases dishes yet very kind to your skin.  Probiotics prevents smelly dishcloth and help keep drains clear.   Septic safe.  Not for use in dishwashers. Very lightly scented.

PIP FLOOR CLEANER is a versatile cleaner enriched with probiotics that work to remove odours, biofilms and harmful germs.  PIP Floor Cleaner can be used to mop floors in the usual way. May also be used in carpet cleaners.  Pre-spray carpet 10-15 minutes prior to extraction. Add defoamer into the return tank.  Concentrated.  (3 ml of product per 1 L water for routine cleaning jobs)  Unscented. 

PIP HAND SOAP  is enriched with probiotics that create a healthy microflora on your skin. The probiotics work to remove  and controls odours and soothe skin. Unscented.

Bi Safe HAND GEL is a probiotic hand gel used to clean your hands without water. It leaves a refreshing feeling, hydrates and creates a healthy microflora on your skin that reduces the risk of harmful germs.  Mint scented.

PROBISANA TOOTHBRUSH CLEANER  probiotic cleaner for toothbrushes and dentures.  Minimizes the risk of microbes on toothbrushes and dentures that can cause tooth decay. 100% natural active probiotic ingredient. Shake vial briefly before opening and pour into a small glassful of water. Store up to 4 toothbrushes. Change water and add a new probiotic vial once weekly. 10 vials/box. Unscented.