Custodial Care

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PIP, (Probiotic In Progress) products are all enriched with safe, probiotic bacteria that provide additional benefits to the hygiene and cleaning regime: 1) deep microscopic removal of dirt and grease from the smallest impurities of a surface. 2) elimination and prevention of unpleasant smells and odours. 3) introduction of a healthy and safe microflora on surfaces.  This helps reduce the risk of infection and allergens.




PIP Allergy Free is a revolutionary approach for the prevention of allergy problems due to dust mites and the allergens they leave behind. Through a completely harmless microbiological action, the probiotic bacteria remove the dust mite allergens (wastes) from all your textiles, air filters, and bedding.  PIP Allergy Free is suitable for all kinds of textiles; mattresses, blankets, pillows, couches, curtains, and clothing.  The probiotic bacteria also minimize the risk of infection as well as removing odours from shoes, cat litter, gym bags and more!  Allergy Free contains only probiotic bacteria.  Unscented.  Use: Shake briefly before use and use sparingly.  Initial dose: A short spray daily.  Maintenance dose: A short spray every 3 days.  Do not make areas wet, a light mist is best.


PIP Ultra Air is a concentrated probiotic product that is used in commercial foggers or ultrasonic mist machines to release probiotics into the air.  It safely enriches the air with beneficial probiotics, which work to reduce allergens, decrease odours and remove biofilms. This product is designed to be fogged or misted into rooms and over smelly carpets, daycare spaces (ie:leggo, plush toys, nap mats) offices and fitness centers.  Great for keeping pet and animal odours at bay.  Ultra Air is 100% naturally occuring non-GMO probiotics that are approved for use in Canada.  Ultra Air does not contain surfactants (soap).  Unscented.

Picture of Chrisal Probiotics - PIP interior Cleaner Probiotics in a 5 litre jug

PIP Interior Cleaner is truly an all purpose cleaner enriched with probiotics. It works in spray bottles for cleaning counters, bathroom fixtures, window, mirrors and in mop pails for floors. The cleaner is effective at cleaning, and the probiotics make it highly effective for controlling odours, removing biofilms and cleaning to the microscopic level.Unscented. Highly concentrated: use at 1% dilution for most cleaning jobs.

Picture of Chrisal Probiotics - Economic Pro Probiotics in a 1 litre jug

Economic Pro is a versatile cleaner that also has a good degreasing ability. It is enriched with probiotic bacteria that remain stable for 6 months after being diluted with water. This product is a very effective all purpose cleaner at 1% dilution.  For tough cleaning jobs, a slightly stronger dilution rate can be used.  The product is strongly concentrated, so it is very economical to use.  Unscented.

Picture of Chrisal Probiotics - PIP Floor Cleaner Probiotics in a 5 litre jug

PIP Floor Cleaner is a hardworking versatile floor and carpet cleaner that is enriched with probiotic bacteria.  The probiotic bacteria remain behind (even after rinsing) and dramatically reduce the offensive ‘wet carpet’ smell.  The probiotics work between cleanings to remove layers of biofilms from deep in carpets, flooring and grout.  To reduce suds when using in carpet or floor cleaning machines, simply add a defoaming agent into the return tank.  Concentrated.  Unscented.


Contact us if you are interested in learning what our approach is to managing biofilm and pathogen buildup in HVAC systems.  Introducing probiotics into these types of systems definitely keeps biofilm and mineral deposits , and pathogens/allergens minimized.


CMF240 Heavy Duty Degreaser – is an amazing product designed to remove grease and oils in a wide range of applications, from cleaning deep fryers and grease traps to cleaning automotive engines. It is even used as a pre-paint degreaser by some of the high end European automobile manufacturers. NSF certified for use in food facilities. (The probiotic counterpart of this product is Economic Pro) Concentrated, non-toxic, non-caustic, environmentally friendly. Unscented.

Organic DeScaler

Organic DeScaler is an organic alkaline descaler containing surfactants (soap).  It was developed to remove mineral scale and rust from surfaces and still be environmentally friendly.  It is safe for tile, grout and aluminum.  It is used in combination with a probiotic cleaner in our two step protocol to restore grout and tile color to older floors, and to eliminate those frustrating and persistent odour problems that arise from washroom floors.  It is also used to lift accumulated soap residues from carpets.  Concentrated.  This product has a slight scent.  Contact us for further details.


Contact us with your questions about using our products for your specific situation.