Automotive Care

Green pictur of Sports car with green Probiotic leaves coming out of the drivers window
The KURINA Airco Cleaner, developed and produced by CHRISAL, is a new type of probiotic air conditioning cleaner made from 100% natural active ingredients. The probiotics colonize the pipes and filters of your air conditioner and heating system with good bacteria, which removes organic contamination including unwanted harmful types of bacteria, leaving a healthy microflora. Harmless to any car interior and upholstery material, it cleans the air-conditioning system fast efficiently and at a very low cost. The probiotic bacteria, once placed into the vehicle interior, significantly reduces the risk of allergens in addition to removing lingering odors from pets, spills and other accidents.  (For persistent odours, follow up with spot treatments of Allergy Free)                                                           See video below to see how to easily apply Kurina into your car ventilation system.


Picture of Kurina Probiotic Airco Cleaner Spray can and Kurina Probiotic Airco Cleaner Box

Deep cleans all air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems and is completely safe for people, animals and the environment. Breathe healthier air in your car, winter or summer.  By placing probiotic bacteria into your car ventilation system, Kurina reduces the risk of allergic reactions (sneezing, watering eyes) so that you can drive safer and breathe easier!


How to use Airco Cleaner



Risk of pathogens in car aircoGraph of Pathogens in a vehicle before and after being sprayed with Kurina Probiotic Airco Cleaner

For  people who have had enough of the consequences of contaminated air from their vehicles ventilation system, causing  sneezing, runny noses, and watery eyes,  KURINA is the ultimate cure for the ‘sick car syndrome”. Test and scientific analyses confirm the significant and durable reduction of the risk of pathogens in any car airco system after a treatment with KURINA.  Currently available in Springmint scent. Questions? Contact us.



PIP Floor Cleaner uses probiotic bacteria, enzymes and effective surfactants to easily remove dirt, coffee spills and grease from carpet and vinyl.  The probiotic bacteria work for several days after application to remove the source of odours in your car.  Ideal for cleaning carpets and upholstery in vehicles. Economical to use with a 1:100 dilution ratio.  (When using carpet cleaning machines, add defoamer into return waste water tank)